How Proper Packaging will boost your Agricultural Export Business.

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How Proper Packaging will boost your Agricultural Export Business.


Packaging is an important element for your export operation which affects the safety, cost, communication and even marketing of your agricultural products. From a contractual point of view, sellers are responsible for packing agricultural products safely for transport. If the packaging is damaged in the port of destination, then the handling of the cargo is not considered responsible, security of goods is a therefore important for packaging for agricultural exports. Cost Saving, Storage and Organization, Handling Information and Packaging and labeling are other important aspects of packaging for agricultural exports.

Indian curries, spices, snacks and mangoes are known throughout the world for their excellent quality. Globally, India leads many food segments & India's geography gives a varied regional climate that has made a significant contribution to the global food basket. Total agricultural commodity exports between March 2020 and February 2021 were $ 17.19 billion. India exported pulses valued at $ 261.47 million and dairy products valued at $ 182.90 million in FY20-21 and during the same period natural honey exports totaled $ 79.33 million. India is the largest milk producer in the world; the country's milk production is expected to reach 330 million tons (MT) by 2024.

 India's processed and agri/horticultural foods are exported to more than 100 countries/regions, including primarily the Middle East, Southeast Asia, SAARC countries, the EU and the US. agricultural exports reach $ 60 billion by 2022. In FY 21, India exported basmati rice worth $ 3.59 billion and non-basmati rice worth $ 3.59 billion of $ 4.04 Billion.

When we look at the importance of packaging, it avoids unnecessary waste after harvest and during production, storage and transport processes. It also guarantees a short and long-term stability while exporting to consumers. Proper Agricultural packaging has helped a lot of farmers and exporters deliver food more easily and without loss.

According to Statista, the global agricultural packaging market is expected to reach $5.02 billion by the end of 2023. If you want your agricultural products to reach different horizons around the world, you should consider the characteristics, importance and benefits of packaging.

How can packaging boost your agricultural exports?

The MSME exporters must ensure the  packaging of products is done ins such a way that the products are  protected from any kind of damage during transit. It is very important to properly test the packaging material and ensure that it prevents damages. It is recommended to exporters to order samples of different packaging materials and ensure that it can withstand the logistic process & also optimum usage of space in transport vehicles. Packages end up taking up more space if they are not compatible with pallets, thus wasting up to 20% of container space, adding 40% additional cost to  the price of your product. It is also necessary to use different kinds of material to target different market as every country has varied climatic conditions which affect the cost of your overall export in international markets. It would also be helpful if you also consider other precautions that are required on your product, including precautions related to exposure to sunlight, humidity, and extreme temperatures

The packaging of a product is the only thing after delivery that communicates the product features to its buyers, making it the essential tool for exporters. Specifically for agricultural products, you can share particular instructions to  the consumers about the ingredient or can even warn them about the allergies. It is important to note before starting the export business that you properly analyze the preferences of the consumers in the target market which should be assessed to ensure that the package meets the consumer’s expectations. The information on the packaging should reflect your customer’s cultural values, regardless of where does your customer lives, you need to consider the local language and other aspects of the information. In Turkey and Austria, green is well-accepted colour, while in China, red and yellow is accepted because of the royalty in its culture. You must perform a proper cultural analysis before designing your package to ensure and enhance the cultural values ??of your prospects.

The size of the boxes must be taken into account when used on pallets. EUR-Palette is the most widely used pallet in the world, measuring 1200mm x 800mm x 144mm, which equates to approximately 47.2 inches x 31.5 inches x 5.7 inches. With these dimensions, exporters can guarantee the maximum use of space It would be useful to take these calculations into account before packing agricultural products Handling must be indicated on the packaging. The agricultural exporter must indicate in the boxes how the product should be processed, for example, you can print notices such as "this side up", maximum stack height, handle with care "and many others along with the icon. All this information should be placed outside the packaging so that the carrier can transport it without damaging the products.

The right package can not only protect your shipments but also foster sales and increase the perception of value among your customers and help you to boost up the agricultural export across the world.

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