India’s Cereals Export

India’s Cereals Export


India is not only the largest producer of cereal as well as largest exporter of cereal products in the world. Cereals are traded all around the world. India is the world's second largest producer of Rice, Wheat and other cereals. The huge demand for cereals in the global market is creating an excellent environment for the export of Indian cereal products. In 2008, India had imposed ban on export of rice and wheat to meet domestic needs. Now, seeing the huge demand in the global market and country's surplus production, Country has lifted the ban, but only limited amount of export of the commodity are allowed. The allowed marginal quantity of exports cereals could not make any significant impact either on domestic prices or the storage conditions. There are almost 177 countries and territories, which actively import Cereals from India. The combined value of total export is 5,845.4 USD million.

India's export of cereals stood at Rs. 47,287.12 crore / 6,611.09 USD Millions during the year 2019-20. Rice (including Basmati and Non-Basmati) occupy the major share in India's total cereals export with 95.7% during the same period. Whereas, other cereals including wheat represent only 4.3 % share in total cereals exported from India during this period.

Major countries where Cereals was exported in October 2020 are Bangladesh(81.67), Iran(64.4), Saudi Arabia(63.0), Nepal(51.44), Benin(38.91).

  • Major Export Destinations (2019-20) of Wheat: Nepal, Bangladesh, UAE, Somalia.
  • Major Export Destinations (2019-20) of Non-Basmati rice: Nepal, Benin, UAE, Somalia.
  • Major Export Destinations (2019-20) of Basmati Rice: Iran, Saudi Arab, Iraq, UAE

Exports of Cereals From India (Top 10)

Sr. No. Country Qty (Metric Tonnes) Value (in Lakhs)
1 Pakistan 15,056.18 5,922.32
2 UAE 17,212.75 5,701.90
3 Saudi Arabia 13,317.76 3,313.93
4 Nepal 16,241.61 3,153.94
5 USA 2,700.13 2,534.33
6 Germany 2,675.43 2,068.87
7 Sri Lanka 5,016.25 1,518.75
8 Japan 4,288.64 1,449.19
9 Tunisisa 5,216.00 1,312.46
10 Egypt 1,946.14 1,181.95
  Total 83,670.89 28,157.64


In the case of exports of other cereals, excluding rice and wheat, India shipped those to newer destinations like Sudan, Poland, Bolivia, Colombia, Congo and Ghana in 2020-21. India's exports of cereals have seen a sharp spike in 2020-21 with the export of non-basmati rice growing by 136.04 per cent to USD 4,794.54 million; wheat by 774.17 per cent to USD 549.16 million; and other cereals (Millets, Maize and other coarse gains) by 238.28 per cent to USD 694.14 million. But overall exports of Cereals in India decreased to 1992.02 USD Million in 2020 from 3980.38 USD Million in 2019. In the long-term, the India Exports of Cereals is projected to trend around 5486.39 USD Million in 2021 and 4502.87 USD Million in 2022, according to our econometric models.

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